In July, 2004 the FAA announced the implementation of a new pilot certificate and a new type of airplane certification. The Sport Pilot Certificate offered a way for pilots to obtain a pilot certificate with a much smaller investment of time and money, as well as not requireing a medical certificate, as all other pilot certificates did. Airplanes that weighed less than 1320 pounds and flew no faster than 120 knots basically fit the new airplane certification rules.

And thus the Sport Pilot Certificate and Light Sport Aircraft were born. Tthere are now over forty Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) on the market, not to mention the numerous “legacy” airplanes such as the Cub and Champ, that meet the Light Sport Airplane requirements. And although there are numerous airplanes that fulfill the Light Sport requirements, there are very few flight schools where a pilot can go to obtain the training for the certificate. Wallis Aviation Is proud to say that together with Sparrow Flying Club we offer this training. Our LSA training is based out of Cantrell Field (CWS) in Conway arkansas.

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