The Commercial pilot checkride is one of the most fun and enjoyable checkrides you will ever go on. It is basically a private pilot checkride with a couple more manuvers and you are reqired to have a more indepth knowledge of the subject matter.

1 st Step: - Written Exam
Become familiar with the FAA test Question bank while Taking flight lessons.

I suggest ASA videos (100.00) for the ground school portion. The least expensive way is the Glelm written exam guide for $20.00 and you can practice online for free

3 rd Step: - Check Ride
Just as you did during your private checkride The Examiner will go right down the FAA Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards and verify you are well versed on the items listed. once the examiner covers the material you fill out some paperwork and fly away with your Commercial Pilots License.

Costs and Fees:

The average cost for a Commercial Pilots License is $2,500.00

one difference between the Private and Commercial Pilot license is that the Commercial must be performed in a Complex Aircraft.

Training Handouts and Study Guides

Commercial Requirements

Rockwell Commander AC112a- IFR Complex Aircraft